How to Install a Ceiling Light Fixture without Existing Wiring

how to install a ceiling light fixture without existing wiringIt is not possible to get wirings everywhere you want to add some light. But lighting can help you change the complete aura of your house. In case you don’t have wirings for lighting in your desired area, you must know how to install a ceiling light fixture without existing wiring!

Here, we will discuss what you can use instead of regular lights that are run by exiting wiring and how you can add them in an easy process!

Let us know how it works!

Methods of Updating the Ceiling Lights without Wiring

First, we will discuss several ways how you can add ceiling lights without any existing wiring. And then, we will explain how you can install them.

Changing the Flush-Mounted Ceiling Light

If there is no other option of wiring, you have to search for the easiest method for having the perfect bedroom ceiling light. In this case, you can get your hands on changing the coloring of the bulbs.

Get a new flush-mounted ceiling light and throw away the old sconce. Replace it with the new one. Or you can also change the color of the light bulb!

In this case, you have to check the other flush mount ceiling lighting fixtures available in the market for you. Get the right one that fits your taste and the area. This is not only the easiest option but also the most affordable one for the people that hate to work with electricity.

If you want more change, you can pick up a new dimmer switch. This will help in changing the intensity of the lights giving you the perfection you need. If you get a fanlight and install it, this can also help you. We also recommend you get your hands on the mini pendant.

Yes, we agree that these are small changes in the settings. But trust us; if you add a new ceiling light, it will change the aura of your house!

Plugging-in the Wall Sconces and Ceiling Lights

When you have no wiring for your ceiling lights, and you want to know how to install a ceiling light fixture without existing wiring, another amazing option is plugging-in wall sconces along with the ceiling lights.

Search the market and get the one that you like and you will see that your dining room will give you a different vibe! This helps in brightening the room a lot! If you want to pick up a more affordable wattage option, you can check for the plug-in ceiling lights like a light pendant.

These are usually hanged with the help of a cord. All you need is a nearby outlet and you can plug it in there without any hassle! The designs of these are contemporary and give your house a modern appearance.

Also, this is an easy fix if you are worried about your new installation. Choosing the right place for the easy plug-in lights is all you need! The rest is up to the lights!

Installing the Wireless LED Ceiling Light Fixtures

If you have a modern house then you don’t need to be worried about the wiring at all. Even if there is no existing wiring, you can install a ceiling light fixture with the help of a wireless connection! Yes, these days, you will see wireless LED lights available in the market so that you do not need the hassle of wiring.

If you think that these will be less active than the regular lights, you are completely wrong. These bulbs have lumens that have identical energy than the regular wired ones. On the contrary, these are easier to use than the other bulbs.

Being easy on your pocket, these will also save you from high energy bulbs! No matter you are picking up the wireless LED lights for your bedroom, living room, or closet, this can be a quick fix to all your problems when there are no wires around you.

In this case, you will need batteries for running these lights. All you need to do is place this on the wall and then use the batteries to run it! That’s all! You do not need to cut the wires and connect them and make it complicated!

Flush-Mounted Ceiling Lights

If you are tired of not having wiring around you, an interesting solution for this is the flush-mounted ceiling lights. These look like the pendant light and help you glow with additional lighting. You can add them to your living room, dining room, corridors, or wherever you want.

These are wall sconce and give you the room a very classy and modern outlook. You can adjust the lighting for the room as per your requirements. The flush-mounted ceiling lights are also available at a reasonable price.

Also, you will get the chance of selecting the pendant lights with several colored light bulbs. Get the one you think is pretty and fix the issue about not having wiring in minutes!

Process of Installing Ceiling Light Fixture without Wiring

Let us check how you can easily add lights with no previously added wiring! Have a look!

Spotting the Light Fixture Position

In other cases, you can check the ceiling lights or hanging lights in your living room with or without a pendant light. No matter you have table lamps beside the bed or you have got the privilege of installing floor lights, ceiling lights or hanging lights can make a huge change in the interior.

In this case, first of all, you have to place the ceiling light in the center. Take measurements and spot the center of the room. Mark it if required and then you can install the light here. If you do not settle for the center, the light will not lighten up the entire room.

If you just want to light up a specific area then you can go for the corners. But we always recommend you add the light fixtures on the middle part of your room for receiving a better glow.

Adding the New Ceiling Light

Now, you are almost ready to add the new light. Plugging the light is not difficult. The process is quick and easy. All you have to do is connect the light fixture carefully with a power outlet. Search for a switch-controlled power outlet first. This will help in the setup procedure. Now, you can easily plug the light in and you are ready to go!

Hardwiring a Light Fixture

By changing the light kits, ceiling fixtures along with the light fixtures and electrical box can change the entire aura of your room and your mood!

But this can be tough for you too if you need to choose from several options that fit best with the fixtures you have. The right fitment is tough to decide.

And in this case, you can rely on the light fixtures that fit almost all the bulb lumen with the help of hardwiring or plugin! Learn the basics of the hardwiring process and you are good to go!

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Wrap Up

Now that you have learned the process of installing a ceiling light fixture without any wiring, you can do it yourself at home without any help! Let us know how to add some lights to the dark places of your room where there is no existing wiring? Share with us which ceiling light fixtures you use!

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