9 Generator Accessories You Must Have!

There are so many beneficial forms of generator accessories that come with useful features. Depending on your requirements, you should get the most suitable ones and enjoy power supply to its fullest.

These accessories can literally turn your nightmares of power cut into the best experiences by providing continuous run. I’ll be mentioning nine of the finest and must-have generator accessories today.

9 Generator Accessories You Must Have

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Maintenance Kit

Most of the engine based tools have moving parts and components that will need proper maintenance. If you lack to follow regular upholding principles, then it’s not possible to enjoy the optimal functional servicing. The best solution is having a proper maintenance kit. These kits can keep your generator in the finest condition for years.

Most of the kits will usually have

  • Some good quality air filters. It’s a good piece for replacing the old ones that have been dirty already. We can make sure our generator is receiving proper air circulation by placing one of these.
  • Some new spark plugs.
  • Oil.

Climate Kit

This is a very useful kit for people who use a generator in cold climate. These usually include battery warmer and oil heater. Battery heater can help your battery to stay safe.

You can easily place this below the battery of your generator when temperature is very low. Especially in snowfall weather. Also, the included oil heater works in a form of crankcase heater. This way the oil inside the generator never gets solid.


If you have a vehicle for example boats, trucks or cars then this is the important thing to get. It’s one of the most essential portable generator accessories that anyone would love to own.

How many times have you come across a situation where there is a need to face a dead vehicle battery? The handy charger can help you and rescue from such sudden situations. These can easily handle the huge battery. The high volt producing generator and charger can give you fast charging results.

You should get a battery charger that also includes floating features. It helps to low down the voltage when your battery is point-to-point charged. This way you will be extra sure that there is no damage happening to your precious generator.

Remote Start

Isn’t it boring walking to your generator and turning it on whenever there is a power cut? Does it feel like too much work after a hectic day at the office? I know, it’s really irritating.

To get out from this situation you can simply buy a remote start. This is a tool that is going to allow you to run the generator without walking physically into its location. You can simply sit on your seat comfortably and push a button to initiate the generator.

There are two types of remote start that you can get. The convenient one will allow you to wirelessly control your generator. Other option will help you to remotely control the generator through a long cable.

Transfer Switch

A transfer switch is basically an electrical tool. It helps to maintain and transfer loads between the generator and main power supply. Especially when there is a situation of a power outage.

The power panel of your home or RV is usually connected to this transfer switch. Whenever there is a power failure, the generator will have load and keep on providing utility power service.

Once power supply continuous, the transfer switch will load it back to the main electrical panel.

You can get two types of transfer switches. One is the manual transfer switch. It needs you to manually flip a switch whenever there is a power outage. On the other hand, there are automatic transfer switches that can help with transferring the load automatically.


Most of the time generators will already have pre-installed mufflers in it. These tools basically help to make generators work without making any noise. However, sometimes it’s not enough. Particularly when generators are used in camping sites where the noise level is so much of a disturbing factor.

In that case, you can go and invest your money to buy an extra muffler and reduce sound. It is really easy to install and you can get help from an expert to fix them within your generator.

Go for a muffler that will suit the generator you own best and help you with noise reduction capability. You can also think about upgrading your existing muffler.


Apart from owning a maintenance kit and climate kit, there is one more thing you need to care about. There are so many external factors that can cause damage to your precious generator. And so you need to be careful about how you are protecting it.

One of the most important things to help here is going to be a generator cover. You should get a suitable cover to keep your generator away from any external element that can cause harm.

A quality cover should be climate proof. Also, it should keep your generator dry and free from any debris, dust, and rust. You should make sure the cover fits generator properly. Otherwise, the whole protection will be corrupted.

Wheel Kit

This is a must-have tool for all heavyweight generators. These accessories are going to help you locate your generator and transfer it from place to place. Most of the time non-flat wheels are one of the best choices to get for easy using.

Fuel Stabilizer

If you are planning to store your generator for a while then a fuel stabilizer is important. You need to do something for the oil to not get gum build-up. This tool is going to keep fuel full fresh and you don’t have to drain it in case of storage.


These are some of the most important tools for your generator that anyone should get. It’s going to save future struggles and help to get better power supply servicing.

I can include so many other accessories into the list. But I wanted to go for the must-have items. You should give enough attention to keep your generator in good condition. Owning some of the good quality accessories will make things easier.

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