Best Boiler For Radiant Floor Heat In 2021 | Top 5 Picks

Best Boiler For Radiant Floor HeatLooking for a great hot water heater for radiant floor heat?

Then, you have come to the perfect place. In this article you’ll find the perfect solution to your problem.

Here, we’re going to present you with the review of well-researched products that we think are great candidates for the “best boiler for radiant floor heat” title.

Let’s get the show on the road.

1. Rinnai V75iN Serie Tankless Hot Water Heater

Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater: Indoor InstallationAre you tired of waiting for long hours to shower with hot water during winters? Congratulations, the Rinnai’s V75iN Tankless Water Heater promises to provide hot water every time you need it.

During production, the manufacturers added a new feature to the heater. It has a Control-R 2.0 system which will enable you to control heater via an app, ensuring hot water when needed. This is why it is one of the biggest reasons for it to be a good contender for the title of the best water heater.

The product is smaller than your conventional bulky heaters which give it an edge in installation. It is this factor that allows the heater to be fitted in unconventional places like the attic, closet, preventing anyone else from meddling with it.

Did you know that you lose around 8,700 bottles of water every year per person as the water flows to the shower, spigots, etc? But with the Thermacirc360 installed inside this product will ensure the hot water flows quickly and efficiently through your water pipes and reduces wastage.

Plus, the product uses 40% less energy than the conventional ones so it will cut down your electricity bills.

And, there is no problem if any of the sensitive part or components of the heater get damaged or doesn’t function anymore. All the components of the product are replicable and, hence, prevent the need to change the whole system if a fault develops in the heater.


  • Cuts down electricity bills
  • Using the Control-R 2.0 you can control the heater through your phone
  • Provides 7.5 GPM of water


  • It is quite complicated to install without professional help

2. Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater  – Electric

Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water HeaterSteibel Eltron is a german company that is renowned for its top-notch home appliance products. And, its new product, the Tempra 29 plus, will surely tick off all your requirements. Firstly, the product uses 15-20% less energy compared to standard heaters. So, it will cut down on your electricity bills.

Furthermore, it has an advanced water flow controlling mechanism. So you can regulate the flow of hot water which will save energy and help you reduce your electricity bills.

Most heaters take in hot water, heat it and store the water for later use allowing the heat to escape. But our product reduces the loss of energy significantly. Whenever hot water is needed the product instantly heats it and provides it to the user and, hence, assures better utilization of energy.

Its state-of-the-art design enables you to enjoy hot water 24/7, that too at a constant flow.

The product is just a pound in weight making it very easy to carry or transport. Furthermore, its compact design allows you to fit in anywhere. And, you can enjoy all these amazing attributes which make it the best water heater at an affordable price.


  • Automatic modulation system saves your money on electricity bills
  • Its digital display clearly shows all the necessary details
  • Can easily be fitted anywhere in the house
  • It is very light so doesn't need much effort when installing
  • Highly efficient


  • Smaller reservoir makes it inadequate for heavy-duty purpose

3. Takagi T-H3-DV-N Tankless Water Heater

Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water HeaterIf you are someone who prefers quality over price, then Takagi’s TH3DVN is the product for you. A water heater is a one-time investment, so it is a good idea to purchase a product that guarantees to provide you 100% service for the next 10 years, at least.

The machine is powerful enough to provide hot water for 4 bathrooms depending on the climate. So, you can be sure that you will enjoy the unhindered amount of hot water for a very long time.

It has a system that allows you to receive hot water only when needed and, thus, decreases the wastage of power reducing the money used in water heating. Also, the machine was designed to convert input energy into thermal energy efficiently making it more power and cost-efficient.

Unlike conventional heaters, it is much smaller and lighter. So, you can easily fit the machine anywhere you want.

With the advanced technology, the machine has a system that automatically shuts down when the machine is not being used and turns on instantly when a shower or spigot is turned on. Ergo, ensuring that you enjoy hot water anytime and every time you need it.


  • Advanced Technology of the machine allows you to enjoy hot water only when needed
  • Powerful enough to provide hot water for up to 4 bathrooms
  • Easy to install and can be fitted almost anywhere


  • Parts of the machine are rare and sensitive so fixing it can be a difficult task

4. iHeart S16 Tankless Water Heater

iHeart S16 Tankless Water HeaterWe come across numerous customers who are unsatisfied with their old water heaters but can’t get rid of them due to the hefty price of a new one. Our suggestion to them is the iHeart’s S16 which will let you enjoy all the attributes of a high-class water heater at the most affordable range.

Steel is one of the best conductors of heat and the stainless-steel construction of the product ensures full conversion of the input energy to thermal. So you can enjoy hot water anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for the device to heat the water. Just turn on the shower or sink and you will instantly get hot water.

Also, the smaller dimensions of the product enable you to effortless install the product anywhere in your house. And, it is lighter than most heaters. So you can easily carry it anywhere and install it without facing many difficulties.

The design of the product also includes a digital touchpad. Ergo, you can easily regulate the temperature, flow, etc for a more satisfactory experience.

One of the best attributes of the product is that it is 60% power efficient. Hence, will cut down your water heating cost by a huge margin. Now you know why its manufacturers have claimed it to be an amazing boiler for heating.


  • Heats up to 10 gallons of water per minute (GPM)
  • Saves around 60% the electricity bill that is caused by standard heaters
  • Great for Heavy-duty as well as light-duty
  • Digital Touch System enables you to easily and efficiently regulate the heating process


  • Is very fragile so can be damaged easily

5. EZ Ultra HE Tankless Water Heater

EZ Ultra HE Tankless Water HeaterIf you are living in countries near the equator then you don’t have to worry about cold weather. But heaters are a sine qua non if you living in a country further away from the equator. For luxury-purpose or necessity, the EZ tankless will provide constant hot water in all conditions.

It is very efficient in providing hot water whenever needed. This because of the preheating system of the heater which heats the water quickly and keeps it ready for your use. Hence, meeting its claim of being the best electric boiler in the market. 

The heater automatically activates when a spigot or shower is turned on and deactivates instantly when not in use. Thus, making it power efficient and reduces your bills by a lot. Plus, its simple digital display enables you a good understanding of the heating options and ensures better control of the heating process.

A preprogrammed modulation enables a constant flow and temperature of hot water when needed. And, its electronic chip was designed to ensure safe and efficient heating.

Furthermore, its compact design and lightness allow an uncomplicated installation experience.


  • The electronic chip which provides a constant temperature and pressure of hot water
  • Shows great thermal efficiency and combustion performance
  • Auto-activation ensuring better utilization of power
  • Cuts down the electric bills
  • Can be vented anywhere and in any orientation that the customer desires


  • Was specially built for Americans so customers might face difficulties installing it some other countries


After reading this best boiler for radiant floor heat review, you should have no problem finding your ideal heater.

If you are still having issues, go through the reviews again and look at their pros and cons. I’m sure it would help.

So, let us know in the comments which one you have chosen.
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